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Mount Trio Vineyard

The Mount Trio vineyard is a family venture established in 1989 by winemaker Gavin Berry and his wife Gill Graham and is situated in the elevated Porongurups sub-region of the Great Southern in Western Australia. Gavin's long-held love for the land and agriculture, developed as a child growing upon a northern NSW wheat farm, was the driving force behind the venture and today Mount Trio represents a very personal expression of the Berry family's life.

Named after one of the peaks in the stunning Stirling Ranges, the vineyard is a winemaker’s dream site, one of only a handful that borders the Porongurup National Park. With an absolute northerly aspect, cooling breezes and gravelly loam soils, the gentle slopes also allow for good air movement and drainage. With typically warm dry summers and cool wet winters, these conditions have proven ideal for viticulture and this sub region is especially highly regarded for its suitability for Riesling production.

Gavin and Gill run the vineyard on a regime of "low chemical intervention". The soils are low in fertility so there is not excessive vigour. The vines have a natural balance so the vineyard is not prone to disease risk and there is very little requirement for ever shoot thinning and have never needed to crop thin! The vines are low yielding (less than 3T/acre) with the fruit being quite small berried, with great flavour and colour.

Today, Mount Trio has approximately 8 hectares (20 acres) of vines planted on the property which is managed by Gavin & Gill, along with some occasional contract labour. The vineyard is now primarily planted to just Riesling, Pinot Noir and Shiraz, these varieties having proven to be the best suited to the Porongurups. Sauvignon Blanc is also produced and additional parcels of fruit from selected vineyards within the Great Southern region are sourced for a couple of the wine styles. This helps reduce any seasonal variability and also achieves the greatest possible complexity of fruit flavours.

Gavin has been making wine in  the Great Southern region for over 25 years; first as chief winemaker at Plantagenet Wines (1988 – 2004) and then at West Cape Howe Wines from 2004 – current. With his wealth of knowledge and considerable experience, he has made a major contribution to the Great Southern’s reputation for the production of premium quality wines.

The first Mount Trio wines were released in 1995 and the range includes Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Merlot and Shiraz.

The Mount Trio labels are a contemporary and vibrant interpretation of the views from the vineyard.